Web Design

William Shakespeare once wrote, "What's in a name..." The answer is lots of little ones and zeros. It is a little known fact that with the web; function usually wins out over form every time. Function that follows form however is a little harder to achieve…but not impossible. SURVIVAL OF THE FINEST understands that when designing great websites for our clients there is no such thing as a once-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter mold. That’s because each business or organization has a different target audience with distinct needs.

Some audiences may not be able to open Flash programs but still desire a fully interactive experience. Minimal Java Script or jQuery might be needed for roll-over effects and data collection. Or perhaps you just want to be on the cutting edge of technology using the latest coding available.

Below is a brief list some of the websites we have designed for a few of our most recent clients, hyper-linked for your convenience. These links correlate with the images found on the right and are provided in case you have a little extra time and would prefer to browse through a live site.

Most recent to furthest back in time