Graphic Design

Creating memorable pieces of production work requires more than just a computer generated, graphic design program. It requires a comprehensive understanding of typography, a keen sense of hierarchy and an acute attention to detail. Though the addage is true, "You read best, what you read most." That does mean that you have to do what the "other guy" is doing to get noticed. Let SURVIVAL OF THE FINEST talk with you about your design needs and discuss options that will best fit you.

Whether your business or organization is formulating or re-branding, corporate identity is more than just business cards and stationary. Development of a strong brand identity is crucial. Not only does branding add value to your enterprise it helps create awareness of the products or services that you provide.

Designing promotional material going out to your target audience while staying focused on your campaigns objectives can often be a daunting and formidable task. It is SURVIVAL OF THE FINEST’S job to help keep your message clear, understandable and above all stimulating.

In creating environmental graphics such as maps, displays and way-finding signage special care is given to ensure that spatial relationships, user interactivity and cost are all considered.

Publication and Graphic Design Projects