"Wow, Very Pleased. We here at Henley's Horology have been using Survival of the Finest for nearly four years for all our advertizement and product photography. I personally believe that there is none finer as quality, value and service.    We were recently contacted by the largest name in antique quality time pieces regarding one of our finest pocket watches we have had for sale. After we read his correspondence we found it to be a greater endorsement to our photographer than our great time piece. His note was simple,
   "Great watch, should you get the price you are asking it will be because of the quality of your photographer."
   Jessica is now in the process of the development of our new website as well as an additional site for our new project in Thailand. It is great but unusual to find a individual with a such a diverse degree of talent in one business. I am sure this is why she will survive and continue to be of great value to us.  Regards, Tim Henley"

"I have worked with Survival of the Finest for the last two years and I'm always surprised by Jessica’s lateral thinking. I can express a project that needs to be fleshed out and when I receive the finished product back the result is always thorough and professional. Her perspective is fresh while her design sensibility is clean. She is timely reliable, and follows through with her work.  Regards, Eli"

"Working with Jessica at Survival of the Finest has always been a real pleasure. She is a really down-to-earth designer, who is very professional, creative and always friendly. You could say that when it comes to design, she is in her element, no question about it! Jessica is one of the best designers we have worked with here at Off The Wall Magnetics.  Jay"

"I have worked with Jessica at Survival of the Finest off and on for past last three years now. I know that in a pinch I can rely on her to tweak, adjust and otherwise layout just about anything related to print production including vector artwork or Photoshop file adjustments. Large or small format I can rely on Survival of the Finest to be color correct and print ready every time.  Rohit Prasad"

"I have seen Jessica, over the time that I have known her; to take rough ideas and hen-scratches on sticky notepaper and turn it into something not only beautiful but also memorable. Jessica’s illustration skills excellent but above that is her warm smile and sincere customer service; it is clear that she as passionate about her customers design needs as the customers themselves.  Sincerely, Meghan"