SURVIVAL OF THE FINEST is a freelance graphic design business based in Portland, Oregon specializing in corporate identification and collateral advertising for small businesses and non-profit organizations. At SURVIVAL OF THE FINEST each business is treated individually and is given special care and attention. Prices for design work are based on industry standards but may be negotiated or augmented based on the financial status of the individual business or organization.

At SURVIVAL OF THE FINEST, we are well aware of how competitive the market can be and how important it is to stand-out not only as an individual but also to be recognized as a memorable business or organization amidst the noise of today's "Corporate America."

Whether your company is needing a corporate make-over or something as simple as a single piece of collateral adverting, SURVIVAL OF THE FINEST has got your answer. Call or email us today with any questions you may have. Remember, the only ignorant questions out there are the ones never asked. SURVIVAL OF THE FINEST always eagerly awaits each new client request and treats each new assignment with the same enthusiasm and professionalism as the one prior to it no matter how big or small the client or project may be.

SURVIVAL OF THE FINEST reserves the right to turn down work from any client who’s advertising or design needs goes against its moral and ethical standards. below is a brief list clients who have either worked with SURVIVAL OF THE FINEST in the past or are still working with us at the present. Thank you for your time and interest.